Brief introduction to our team member - Peter

I am a certified Nutrition Specialist (certification by Nutris Academy) running a small company selling dietary supplement. Our headquarters is in Prague, but we are expanding among the whole Europe.

Blendea is our own brand of Premium Superfood Blends, where we really put ingredients of the highest BIO quality, which also taste great. I can promise you, that you will not be disappointed with our products.

Short story about Blendea

It was winter 2016 and I was in Bali (Indonesia), where I drank for the first time some green stuff that should “make me feel better” and should “contain a lot of minerals and vitamins”... it was called “barley grass” and I was quite sceptical at the beginning. It was too green for me I guess, but I was like “hey, let's give it a chance!”.

After few days of drinking barley grass every morning, I really DID feel the difference. My skin improved and got a bit smoother. I slept better and my stomach wasn't so bloated.

I knew, that this is something I want to explore more.

I have spent several months researching and I came up with the idea of “Premium Superfood Blend”, which will combine several superfoods together in the highest BIO quality.

Few months later, in November 2016, our first blend Blendea SUPERGREENS was born.